The Finest Finished Parts Start With The Best Materials

Proper Material Selection Is Essential To A Comprehensive Design.

Thankfully, we have dozens of patented alloys specifically created, tested, and used throughout the world in engines performing to ultra-high standards for wear, fuel economy, corrosion resistance, toughness, and the ability to perform in the harshest field operating conditions. What’s more, we have a unique understanding of material pairings that perform best in the valve train – something our customers rely upon as we guide them in alloy selection and testing.

In addition to the world’s best and widest selection of materials – cast, powder metal, centrifugal, and weld – we constantly develop new, cost-effective options that improve wear resistance and reduce cost. We are materially agnostic and will work with, develop and machine any type of alloy, unlike our competitors who are limited to one or two types of materials. Our sophisticated in-house metallurgical laboratory and equipment help us to develop tomorrow’s required materials. And in our experimental production facility—with its own induction-melting furnace and heat-treating equipment—our metallurgists produce and test new alloys. Talk with our technical staff to learn what materials are under test and may soon be available for production.

Interested in Sustainable Alloy Solutions for Engine Valvetrain Applications?  Click the link to read Dr. Paul Qiao’s article on J513 published in ASM International.

Click below to see our updated list of alloys! (as of 6/26/2023)

LEJ Alloy System