VSI Development Process

Did you know that L.E. Jones has significant knowledge of design concepts, and experience in VSI press-fit performance based upon valve/VSI alloy pairing, geometry, and engine operational condition? While OEM companies maintain design control over their engine and its components, our experts and OEM engineers work together to develop and maintain databases of valve and VSI wear performance. We have decades of data and experience with all types of material pairings, engine applications, and duty cycles. When an evolutionary design change occurs in your engine, we can compare any changes in valve and VSI wear performance to our database. If the increase in wear is too high, we can provide feedback on this increased risk, and propose alternative solutions. In some cases, the issue can be addressed by changing the VSI alloy alone, but in other cases, a geometry change such as seat angle may be required. Regardless of the design change, L. E. Jones can test, measure, and report VSI wear results. Reach out to our experts, if you’re looking for engine development solutions.


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