Reduced Lubrication

Achieving high fuel economy and low emissions is crucial to maximizing your engine’s efficiency and remaining competitive. Unfortunately, a consequence of calibrations aimed at high fuel economy and low emissions is often a lack of adequate exhaust VSI lubrication from combustion by-products. This increases VSI and valve wear. We see the same thing with dryer fuels such as natural gas that produce fewer particulates when combusted. While efficient combustion processes are good for emission control and fuel economy improvement, they can be destructive in the valve train due to the lack of lubrication between mating metals. Increased cylinder pressure, dryer fuels, and reduced lubrication all contribute to causing wear rates of valve and inserts to increase well above those of historic engines. To get your modern engine to run successfully for a million+ miles between cylinder head rebuilds, you should consider our premium VSI alloys. Our proprietary alloys work under extreme conditions generated by the reduced lubrication of lower exhaust particulates. They provide acceptable durability with today’s harsher valvetrain component service condition.


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