Non-Destructive Testing

Have you experienced premature application failure? We apply a wide spectrum of NDT methods, Eddy Current, Resonant, Machine Vision, Liquid Penetrant, just to name a few. Non-Destructive testing saves our customers both time and money. In quality evaluation, troubleshooting and research, we are able to detect flaws and potential damage prior to them becoming a threat or concern. Without causing any harm to the VSI, we test each part to gain information on its structure and performance. We ensure its quality and peak performance so that when it gets into your engine, it runs smoothly and properly. Perhaps you’ve experienced cracking in your parts that have hindered your engine from running at maximum efficiency. Eddy current testing is used to detect surface and near-surface part defects like cracking, porosity and shrinkage. Our fully automated and semi-automated systems are extremely reliable product inspection methods that can be applied for high-volume applications.


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