As you know, Iron-Based alloys have many positive attributes that make them suitable for the combustion engine. Martensitic Iron-Based alloys are often used because of their cost-effectiveness, while Ferritic is used for its hardness. If you’re looking for material with corrosion-resistant properties, you should consider Ferritic-Primary Carbide. Obviously, many alloys contain iron—like steel and cast iron. Many people prefer iron to other alloy-based materials for their applications. Maybe you do as well? Due to Chromium, Stainless Steel is known for its corrosion resistance. It is also strong and hard. These properties make it a great candidate for high-temperature or stressful environments. Super Austenitic Iron-Based alloys offer premier wear resistance, cracking resistance, and function well in aircraft engine applications due to exceptional toughness. Alloyed Cast Iron provides low cost for engine maintenance or valve guide applications. Precipitation Strengthened Alloys offer improved wear resistance to others of their kind with little or no cost increase. Clearly, there are many benefits to these alloys. Are you looking to take advantage of L.E. Jones’ proprietary Iron-Based alloys?


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