High Sulfur Content

As you well know, corrosion is a risk of any heavy-duty engine application. Fuels with high sulfur content will require better corrosion-resistant alloys. For instance, when sulfur content is greater than 500ppm, common martensitic VSI alloys can be subjected to severe corrosion attacks. For marine engine applications, NaCl content in the air will augment corrosion attack tendency valve seat insert alloys. For heavy fuel engines, a special corrosion-resistant alloy product is needed depending upon the applications. For EGR-equipped engines, intake VSI needs higher corrosion resistance alloys due to that exhaust gas being partially rerouted back into the intake manifold. In summary, corrosion takes place in a VSI alloy when the combined conditions of VSI (material, working environment, and working stress), thermodynamically fall in the alloy corrosion-sensitive region.


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