Modern engines are being designed to improve fuel efficiency while further reducing exhaust emissions. This is accomplished in part by changes to combustion which increases efficiency (higher PCP) while reducing combustion by-products. In turn, VSI’s are forced to endure higher seat contact stress with reduced lubrication, and often at higher operating temperatures and gradients. High heat and high pressure along with their uneven distributions on the VSI can be destructive to the VSI’s in your engine. Utilizing premium alloys that are up to the challenge is key to success. You can trust L. E. Jones proprietary alloys to be a durable solution to your emission control challenges. Continuous improvement in engine energy output efficiency is applied in modern engine design which can potentially create overheating. Our unique VSI chemistries and heat treatment reduce the risks of VSI wear and overheating. Whether your applications are off-highway or on-highway, we have you covered.


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