Corrosion Risks

Are you currently experiencing corrosion? VSI corrosion is historically a non-issue, however, the risk has risen significantly in modern engines designed to run on low sulfur fuel if taken into markets with high sulfur fuel. Under engine operating conditions with high sulfur fuel application, water solution often condensates which can corrode VSI and valves. Clearly, Fuel differences can cause serious damage to your parts. This risk is now recognized, by OEM manufacturers who sometimes choose to build different cylinder heads for low and high sulfur fuel markets. Did you know that the prevention of corrosion attacks typically involves calculating other technical or commercial risks? If your parts aren’t functioning to their full potential, perhaps the alloys you’re using with corrosion-resistant properties are forcing you to compromise on wear resistance, strength, or even cost. Reach out to us – Our experts make calculated decisions every day that protect our customers from issues like corrosion and other cylinder head matters.


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